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Lulu Lewis is created by Dylan Hundley & Pablo Martin. New LP Dyscopia named #1 album of 2022 by WFMU / Evan "Funk" Davies". Stream and buy it here.

 Lulu Lewis Dyscopia Album Pic.jpg
Pic by Une Maitresse Femme
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The pandemic and the war are the true starters of the 21st Century.
This album was written during these times.

This is a conceptual album, although no clear story or characters are presented. You, the listener, are the main character.

Dyscopia is the environment you have to walk across.
Dyscopia is music; music is an experience.
There is disco music in Dyscopia.
Dyscopia is not a disco album
We are not good at writing happy lyrics.

A song in Dyscopia can be bright or dark,
depending on what you are paying attention to.
You can have the same experience while listening to ABBA.
There is no contradiction.

Pablo almost died of COVID-19 while making this album; Dylan, lost her sense of smell. One thing wasn't better or worse than the other. It was all temporary.

We heard the sirens.

We followed the news.

We called our friends.

We made music.

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