Praise for Genuine Psychic

The Vinyl District - "Think Siouxsie, but also Dinah Cancer, a distinction made to underscore an affinity with punk’s pre-hardcore days, when the form was far less rigidly defined. The spare “Moving Fast” resists the pace of its title and is instead an appropriately moody follow-up to “Dig Beat,” though side two’s opener and album highlight “Intelligent Life” manages to blend “Mechanical Man”-era Devo with the Tubeway Army and the joyous Saturday afternoon B-movie matinee energy of the early B-52’s, all while wielding social commentary with a sense of humor. And if that’s not punk, then go eat a sock."

American Pancake - "Genuine Psychic", the full length debut by New York based Lulu Lewis (out via Ilegalia Records) is a smile inducing collection of sounds. The corners of your mouth pinched and pushed up by sounds and imagery darkly drenched in a sort of post punk gothic jag filtered through proto punk filters."

Velvet Sheep -  "It’s a record that could have come from nowhere else but New York, swaggering, confident, moody and dark, like Kohl eyeliner on a raven picking on the gizzards helping itself to the American Eagle. Lulu Lewis join a pantheon of punk greats (and undoubted influences) from the City, most notably Blondie, Suicide, The Contortions and Sonic Youth and they completely hold their own. And then some. It careens from ice cool dead eyed dread to windswept psych outs, simple punk poetry to willful wicked humour."

Progarchy - "Lulu Lewis serves up a refreshingly quirky blend of art rock on Genuine Psychic. It should make many of you sit up and take notice.Genuine Psychic is their full-length debut album, presenting us with a highly inventive and unique sound. Call it “Harlem Punk Rock” (a blend of post-punk and goth and soul) because that’s how they describe what they’re doing. And a rebel punk sensibility definitely infuses each of the tracks here in a highly appealing way.”